Nutrition and Food Production in the Congo Basin (30/09 - 01/10/13)


HUYGE, Dirk. Welcome address.

BAHWERE, Paluku and DONNEN, Philippe. Nutritional status of the populations of the Congo Basin: Today and tomorrow.

D’HAESE, L. , BANEA-MAYAMBU, J.-P and REMAUT-DE WINTER, A.-M. Food Security in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

DUCHEYNE Els I., TACK Wesley, HENDRICKX Guy. Remote sensing: a key tool for monitoring food resources in a changing world.

LINARD, Catherine, ALTARE, Chiara and GUHA SAPIR, Debarati. Estimating the number of malnourished children in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: potential from the AfriPop and CEDAT databases.

MICHA, Jean-Claude. Fish farming in the Congo basin, past, present and future.

MOULA Nassim , HORNICK Jean-Luc, RUPPOL Patrick, ANTOINE-MOUSSIAUX, Nicolas and LEROY, Pascal. Production of animal protein in the Congo Basin, a challenge for the future of people and wildlife.

NGONGO Michel , KASONGO Emery, MUZINYA Bazile, BAERT Geert and VAN RANST Eric. Soil Resources in the Congo Basin: Their properties and constraints for food production.