Texts pending for publication

Section of Human Sciences

Helge Daniels. De soapoorlog op al-Jazeera: het debat omtrent Arabische en nagesynchroniseerde dramaseries en Arabische identiteitsconstructie

Morag Goodwin. Becoming Rwandan? The Impact of Two Decades of Unity Policies on the Batwa

Xavier Luffin. The Comorian Presence in Precolonial and Early Colonial Congo (19th Century-1908)

Firouzeh Nahavandi. L’attraction des cerveaux : une nouvelle forme d’extraction des ressources du Sud ?

Pierre Petit. L’exode rural au Laos. Mobilité, jeunesse et parenté à Houay Yong (province de Houaphan)

Katrien Pype. On interference and hotspots.Ethnographic explorations of rural-urban connectivity in and around Kinshasa’s phonie cabins

Jan Raymaekers. The Musée de la vie indigène in Leopoldville


Section of Natural and Medical Sciences

Jean-Pierre Descy. Lake Kivu and its problems

Michel Louette. Biological collections are a vital resource of information to guide conservation and research.

François Malaisse. Termites and termites mounds - Some selected observations

Mangeon Anthony. Narrating African futures


Section of Technical Sciences

Thierry Camelbeeck et.al. Contribution of the seismic monitoring at the Belgian Princess Elisabeth base to East Antarctica ice sheet dynamics and global seismicity studies

Thierry Camelbeeck et.al. Natural and man-induced destructive earthquakes in stable continental regions

Marc Heijde. The Biotechnological Promises and Bottlenecks for a Sustainable and Intensified Agriculture in Africa

Alain Préat. The Precambrian : bacteria, plate tectonics and oxygen

Raïssa Malu. Deux approches innovantes en matière d’enseignement des sciences en République Démocratique du Congo : le PEQPESU et la SST

Smets Benoît et. al. Study and Monitoring of the Virunga Volcanoes: Long-Term Involvement of Belgium and Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg

Thierry Van Frachen. Trois projets de désenclavement et de relance de l’activité économique en République Démocratique du Congo : comparaison des approches.

Jonathan C. Taylor & Christine Cockuyt. Diatom research in southern and central Africa: Historical perspectives and current activities