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Easter Island: Collapse or Transformation? A State of the Art / CAUWE, N., & DE DAPPER, M. (Eds)

Nutrition and Food Production in the Congo Basin / RAMMELOO, J., VAN DE VIJVER, B. & GOYENS, P. (Eds)

Tribute books

Hommage à la Secrétaire perpétuelle honoraire Danielle Swinne / Hulde aan de Erevast Secretaris Danielle Swinne  

International Conference :
What Ever Happened to the People? Humans and Anthropomorphs in the Rock Art of Northern Africa

17-18-19 September, 2015 - Academy Palace - Brussels


Multidisciplinary Workshop - Vulnerable coastal areas

December, 10th, 2015 - Brussels


Symposium :
Traditional Wisdom and Political Expression

29 januar, 2016 - Brussels


International Conference :
The Belgian Congo between the two World Wars

17/03-18/03/2016 - University Foundation, Egmontstraat 11 rue d’Egmont - Brussels