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Interoceanic Canals and World Seaborne Trade: Past, Present and Future
Easter Island: Collapse or Transformation? A State of the Art
Nutrition and Food Production in the Congo Basin
Signs of Which Times? Chronological and Palaeoenvironmental Issues in the Rock Art of Northern Africa
Evaluation of Development Research
Poverty in medium and small cities of developing countries
Developing Countries facing Global Warming: a Post-Kyoto Assessment
Desertification: Migration, Health, Remediation and Local Governance
Hubs, Harbours and Deltas in Southeast Asia: Multidisciplinary and Intercultural Perspectives
Africa's Great Rift : Diversity and Unity
Research in Applied Nutrition in Developing Countries: Challenges and Expectations
Tropical Forests in a Changing Global Context
Tropical Climatology, Meteorology and Hydrology. Climate-related Risk Analysis and Sustainable Development in Tropical Areas
New Challenges for the Academies in a Changing World. Extraordinary Academic Celebration
Tropical Forests: A State of the Art at the Turn of the Century
Evolution of Tropical Soil Science: Past and Future
Sustainable Agriculture in the Third World: defining a Role for Transgenic Crops and Research
Contribución al Conocimiento del sistema del Lago Titicaca. Memorias del Simposio internacional sobre el Sistema del Lago
Science and Tradition: Roots and Wings for Development
Developing Countries Facing Global Warming: Kyoto 1997 and Beyond
Science and Development: Prospects for the 21st Century
Water: wereldwijd en waardevol - L’eau: une valeur mondiale - Water: Worldwide and Worthwhile
Tropical Climatology, Meteorology and Hydrology In Memoriam Franz Bultot (1924-1995)
Landhervormingsproblematiek in Latijns-Amerika - La problématique de la réforme agraire en Amérique latine
Rwanda – Burundi
Geo-Archaeology in Tropical and Mediterranean Regions
Colloque international Cornet / International Cornet Symposium. Centenaire des premières études sur la géologie shabienne (Zaïre)
Problèmes de la coopération au développement
Shipping, Factories and Colonization
Het Kind in de Derde Wereld - L’Enfance dans le Tiers-Monde