Laureados 1999-2023

2023 Claudia ORTIZ-SEPÚLVEDA. Linking Microevolutionary and Macroevolutionary Processes in the Diversification of Freshwater Mollusks from the East African Rift. 
2020 Zita KELEMEN. Reconstructing the Biogeochemistry of Tropical Aquatic Ecosystems using Elemental and Stable Isodtope Tracers in Freshwater Bivalve Shells. 
2017 Cédric MORANA. Exploring the Carbon Cycle in a Large Tropical Lake (Lake Kivu, East Africa) : From the Cellular to the Ecosystem Level. 
2014 Abebe BEYENE HAILU. Development and validation of ecological water quality monitoring tools for Ethiopian Rivers
2011 Bert VAN BOCXLAER. Palaeobiology and Evolution of the Late Cenozoic Freshwater Molluscs of the East African Rift
2008 SARMENTO, Hugo. Phytoplankton Ecology of Lake Kivu (Estearn Africa). 
2005 MBEGA, J.-D. Biodiversité des poissons
du bassin inférieur de l'Ogooué (Gabon). 
2002 BRANCHU P. Cycle des éléments majeurs et traces dans les grands lacs de rift tropicaux (lacs Tanganyika et Malawi). 
Processus et enregistrements biogéochimiques.
1999 VERSCHUREN, Dirk. Recent and Late-Holocene 
Paleolimnology of lakes Naivasha and Sonachi, Kenya.