Prizewinners 2000-2023 of the yearly competitions

Year Sciences Section Name Title
2023 Human  Margot Luyckfasseel Kongo with a K: Acoustic Repertoires and Hegemony in Kinshasa
Natural and Medical  Simon Lhoest Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services in Tropical Forests: The Role of Forest Allocations in the Dja Area, Cameroon
2022 Natural and Medical  Hao Guo Study of Drought Characteristics in the Arid Zones of Central Asia over the Last 50 Years
Technical  Sterl Sebastian Seasons of Power: Streamlining Strategies for Renewable Electricity Generation from Sun, Wind and Water in Sub-Saharan Africa
2021 Technical  

De Bauw Pieterjan

Root Performance and Root Responses of Rice to cope with Drought Events and Low Soil Phosphorus Availability
2019 Natural and Medical 

Yannick Useni Sikuzani

Analyse spatio-temporelle des dynamiques d’anthropisation paysagère le long du gradient urbain-rural de la ville de Lubumbashi (Haut-Katanga, République Démocratique du Congo)
2018 Natural and Medical  Franck Dumetz Role of gene dosage in the acquisition of antimony resistance in Leishmania donovani: Experimental evidence
Technical  Alice Alonso  Novel quantification of long-term hydrological and landscape spatiotemporal dynamics of coupled natural human systems: The case study of the Tempisque-Palo Verde National Park Coastal Wetland, Costa Rica
2017 Human Emma Hughes The tourist resort and the village :
Local perspectives of corporate community development in Fiji
Natural and Medical  Koen Vandelannoote Unveiling the evolutionary history & molecular epidemiology of Mycobacterium ulcerans
Technical  Omar Idrissi Molecular diversity and quantitative trait loci related to drought tolerance in lentil (Lens culinaris Medik., Fabaceae). 
2016 Natural and Medical  Mathias Spalivero "Combining Geomorphic and Social Approaches for Improved Flood Risk Management. Data-Rich versus Data-Scarce Areas: the Cases of the Tagliamento (Italy) and Limpopo River Basins (Southern Africa)"
Technical  James Murphy & Pádraig Carmody "Africa’s Information Revolution. Technical Regimes and
Production Networks in South Africa and Tanzania"
2015 Human 

Koenaard Bogaert

Neoliberalism as projects. The Arab state,
New geographies of power and urban politics in Morocco
Natural and Medical  Léonard Mubalama Kakira Monitoring Law Enforcement Effort and Illegal Activity in Selected Protected Areas : Implications for Management and Conservation,
Democratic Republic of Congo
2013 Human  Jeroen Cuvelier Men, Mines and Masculinities : The Lives and Practices of
Artisanal Miners in Lwambo (Katanga Province, DR Congo)
Natural and Medical  Amaury Frankl Gully Development and its Spatiotemporal Variability
since the Late 19th Century in the Northern Ethiopian Highlands
2012  Human  Karla Janir Avilès Gonzàlez "Retos y paradojas de la reivindicación nahua en Santa Catarina,
Tepoztlán, Morelos."


Jan Anckaer "Prinsen, pasja’s, diplomaten en consuls. De politieke en economische betrekkingen tussen België en het Ottomaanse Rijk
tijdens de regeerperiode van Leopold I (1831-1865)."

Natural and Medical 

Michel-Pierre Faucon

"Ecologie et biologie de la conservation des métallophytes. Le cas de Crepidorhopalon perennis et C. tenuis (Scrophulariaceae)
des sols cupro-cobaltifères du Katanga."
2010  Human  Luis Miranda La glotopolítica en el Perú colonial.
2009 Human 

Katrien Rutten

Het aardewerk van ed-Dur (Umm al-Qaiwain, V.A.E.) uit de late 1ste eeuw v. tot de vroege 2de eeuw n. Chr. Technologische, typologische en vergelijkende studie met een analyse van de ruimtelijke verspreiding en handel in en voorbij de Perzische Golf tijdens de Laat Pre-islamitische periode
(3de eeuw v. – 6de eeuw n. Chr.)
2008 Human Serge Lemaitre Kekeewin ou Kekeenowin. Les peintures rupestres de l'est du bouclier canadien.
Natural and Medical  Yann Tristant L'occupation humaine dans le delta du Nil aux 5e et 4e millénaires. Approche géo-archéologique à partir de la région de Samara (delta oriental).
Pascale Lepoint Speciation within the African Coffee Wilt Pathogen.
2007 Human Anne Cornet Action humanitaire et contrôle socila au Ruanda (1920-1940).
Femmes, missions et politiques de santé.
Natural and Medical  Jared Bosire Ecological Recovery of Reforested Mangroves in Kenya.

Justin Masumu Mulumbu
Molecular Epidemiology and Integrated Control of
Bovine Trypanosomiasis in sub-saharan Africa.

Natural and Medical 

Ruvimbo Gamanya Sibanda Development of a Standardized Object Oriented Automotable Classification (SOOAC) Method & Application in Land Use and Land Cover Change. Detection Using Remote Sensing in Central Zimbawe.
D. Porignon Les districts sanitaires: un outil pour le renforcement des systèmes de santé locaux. Expériences en situation de crise en Afrique.


E. De La Torre Chauvin, E. & A. Guevara Caiquetan Desarollo de nuevos procesos de tratamiento de minerales en la pequeña minería aurífera ecuatoriana que han logrado reducir la contaminacíon ambiental.
2005 Natural and Medical  A. Verdoodt Elaboration and Application of an Adjusted Agricultural
Land Evaluation Model for Rwanda.
2004 Natural and Medical  C. De Jaeger Geomorphology and Quaternary geology of the canyibn complex in the Wadi Mujib basin (Jordan). A regional study based on field research, supported by map analysis and remote sensing, and integrated in GIS.
Technical  B. Haghebaert Perspectieven op pro-actief beheer van natuurrampen in het Zuiden. Een onderzoek naar technocratische, behavioristische,
structurele en neopopulistiche benaderingen.
2003 Human E. Thys Role of urban and peri-urban livestock production
in poverty alleviation and food security in Africa.
Natural and Medical  M. J. Nyssen Erosion Processes and Soil Conservation in a Tropical Mountain Catchment under Threat of Anthropogenic Desertification
2002 Technical  A. Shahnawaz et al. Photovoltaic Supplement to Diesel Generator Based Supply in an Off-grid Location of East Malaysia
(Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia)
2001 Human Mark Breusers On the Move : Mobility, Land Use and Livelihood Practices on the Central Plateau in Burkina Faso (Thesis Wageningen)

Natural and Medical 

Farid Dahdouh-Guebas Mangrove Vegetation Structure Dynamics and Regeneration
(Thèse "Vrije Universiteit Brussel", 316 pp.)
2000 Human Sciences S. Mund Les rapports complexes de l'Historia verdadera de Bernal Díaz avec la vérité
B. Overlaet De vroege IJzertijd in de Pusht-i Kuh, Luristan. Resultaten van 15 Archeologische Expedities in West-Iran (1965-1979).