Overseas Belgian Biography

The Overseas Belgian Biography is a collection of biographical notes dedicated to Belgians or foreigners who had significant activities overseas and who contributed to the fame of Belgium.

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Volume I (XXXIV-1022 col., in-8º, 1948)paperback31,60 €
hardback36,60 €
Volume II (VII-1034 col., in-8º, 1951)paperback31,60 €
hardback36,60 €
Volume III (XXII-998 col., in-8º, 1952)paperback31,60 €
hardback36,60 €
Volume IV (XXV-1088 col., in-8º, 1955)paperback31,60 €
hardback36,60 €
Volume V (XXIV-984 col., in-8º, 1958)paperback31,60 €
Volume VI (XXV-1230 col., in-8º, 1968)paperback35,60 €
Volume VI (XXV-1230 col., in-8º, 1968)hardback36,60 €
Volume VII A (498 col., 1973)hardback18,50 €
Volume VII B (404 col., 1977)paperback13,10 €
hardback18,50 €
Volume VII C (496 col., 1989)hardback18,50 €
Volume VIII (582 col., 1998)hardback21,10 €
Volume IX (556 col., 2015)hardback30,00 €