Texts pending for publication

Section of Human Sciences

Koen Bostoen et.al.À la recherche des sentiers perdus du passé en forêt. Réflexions sur l’effondrement de la population en Afrique centrale il y a 1500 ans.

Wouter Claes et.al.Egypt through a Belgian Lens: Jean Capart and the Collection of Photographic Glass Plate Negatives of the Royal Museums of Art and History in Brussels.

Didier Demolin.The multiple dimensions of language sound systems. Contribution of African and Amerindian languages.

Eric Descheemaeker.French Private Law in New Caledonia: 75 Years after Decolonisation.

Idesbald Goddeeris.The Memory of Mission. Statues of Belgian Missionaries in their Native Places and Work Areas.

Pierre Halen.Un narratif épique : la mémoire militaire française de la Seconde Guerre du Shaba.

Nick Majchrowicz & Sara Budts.‘The indigenous, I presume?’ A Digital Study of Mental Models and Mental Decolonization in the Biographie Coloniale Belge and Biographie Belge d’Outre-Mer.

Patrick Meyfroidt et.al.Understanding agricultural and tree plantations frontiers emergence in Southern and Eastern Africa.

Sylvie Peperstraete.Traduire l’altérité. De la pyramide de Cholula à la tour de Babel, les tribulations de la mythologie aztèque dans le Mexique du XVIe siècle.

Dirk Van Overmeire.“Mission impossible?” Missionarissen als geografen en cartografen (ca. 1820-1920).

Johan Verberckmoes.Jacques de Coutre has a scoop on intersectionality of diamond miners in early 17th century South India.


Section of Natural and Medical Sciences

Ben Derudder.Polycentriciteit in Chinese stedelijke regio’s, 2001-2016.

Hugo Devlieger.Le système de santé du Rwanda : Exemple pour l’Afrique sub-saharienne ?.

Stefaan Dondeyne et. al.Climate, water and land-use of the Omo-Turkana Basin: opportunities and challenges for sound natural resources management.

Philippe Donnen et. al.Eleven to thirty years after: what happened to the severely malnourished children hospitalized at Lwiro in the Eastern of the Democratic Republic of Congo?.

Bruno Goddeeris.Alexandre Yersin:Medical Doctor and Scientist, Explorer, Veterinary Scientist and Agronomist.

Frederik Leliaert et.al.Enabling botanical collaboration through digitization of the Meise Botanic Garden and Central African herbaria.

Virginie Tilot.The challenges of conserving marine biodiversity in a context of sustainable development: Traditional perspectives on the management of seabed resources in terms of deep sea mining and its legal context in the Pacific ocean.

Sara Top.Towards better future climate information over Central Asia.


Section of Technical Sciences

Luc André.Genèse, croissance et émergence des premiers continents.

Marc Nyssen & Frank Verbeke.D4D in public health: An overview of some relevant projects.

Thierry Smith.India as a “Noah’s Ark” before collision with Eurasia: Paleoenvironment and paleobiogeography of the continental early Eocene vertebrate fauna of Gujarat.