Bachelor in Science in Botany-Zoology, Master of Science in Botany, PhD Ethnobotany, professor Makerere University, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (MUCAES).
Biodiversity, traditional medicine, climate change mitigation, ethnobotany; Africa.

Prof. John Robert Stephen TABUTI is affiliated to the Department of Environmental Management of Makerere University.  He is an educator with more than 25 years of university teaching.  His research interests are aimed at identifying, promoting and conserving useful plant species.  He also has strong interests climate change mitigation and stakeholder engagement. He has conducted research covering plant ecology (floristic studies), tree propagation and tree establishment studies, as well as ethnobotanical studies particularly ethno medicine. His ultimate aim is to identify priority species for management and promotion.  He has supervised 47 graduate students including 4 PhDs.  He has 57 publications in peer reviewed journals. He has managed several grants including one for capacity building for REDD+. 

Key publications

Aganyira, K. E., R. Kabumbuli, V. B. Muwanika, J. R. S. Tabuti, and D. Sheil. (2020). Determinants of participation in state and private PES projects in Uganda. Scientific African 8:e00370.

Whitney, C. W., Luedeling, E., Hensel, O., Tabuti, J. R. S., Krawinkel, M., Gebauer, J., & Kehlenbeck, K. (2018) The role of homegardens for food and nutrition security in Uganda. Human Ecology, 46(4):497–514,

Whitney, C.W., Luedeling, E., Tabuti, J.R.S., Nyamukuru, A., Hensel, O., Gebauer, J., Kehlenbeck, K. (2018). Crop diversity in homegardens of southwest Uganda and its importance for rural livelihoods. Agriculture and Human Values 35, 399-424. doi: 10.1007/s10460-017-9835-3.

Nyamukuru, A., J. R. S. Tabuti, M. Lamorde, B. Kato, Y. Sekagya, and P. R. Aduma. (2017). Medicinal plants and traditional treatment practices used in the management of HIV/AIDS clients in Mpigi District, Uganda. Journal of Herbal Medicine 7:51-58.

Galabuzi, C., Eilu, G., Mulugo, L., Kakudidi, E., Tabuti, J. R. S., & Sibelet, N. (2014). Strategies for empowering the local people to participate in forest restoration. Agroforestry Systems 88 (4), 719-734.


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