DE MAEYER, Philippe

Licentiaat in de wetenschappen (aardrijkskunde), docteur en Géologie et Applications au Domaine Marin (Université Bordeaux I), gewoon hoogleraar aan de Universiteit Gent, Sino-Belgian Joint Laboratory for Geo-Information. Vast Secretaris Koninklijke Academie voor Overzeese Wetenschappen. 
Cartografie, G.I.S., teledetectie, land cover, flood risk, 3D; Xinjiang (China), Mexico


Philippe De Maeyer is a senior full professor in cartography and GIS at Ghent University (UGent), Belgium. From 2008 till 2020, he has been appointed head of the Department of Geography. As an emeritus, he will continue his research and teaching activities at Ghent University.
He is a fellow member of the Royal Academy for Overseas Sciences (RAOS) and since 2021, January 1st Permanent Secretary of the RAOS.
Since 2019, he has been vice-president of the International Cartographic Association (ICA).
He is a visiting professor at XIEG (Chinese Academy of Sciences).
Philippe De Maeyer holds a master degree in geography (UGent), different certificates in geophysics (U. de Bordeaux I), a postgraduate diploma in geology applied to the marine domain (U. de Bordeaux I), a PhD in sciences, an aggregation diploma for teaching in secondary schools (UGent) and a postgraduate in business economy (IPSO).
He received an honorary professorship at the University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2019. He is holder of different Belgian knighthoods and owns several national and foreign awards.
Philippe De Maeyer is an expert in the collection and use of geographical information (GI) and in the quality control and management of geo-information and maps.
His research topics include geo-spatial data acquisition and modelling, temporal aspects of geospatial data (esp. the evolution of land-use/land cover), map semiology, 3D and 4D GIS, mapping of the World Heritage, history of cartography and flood risk calculation.
He is co-author of more than 550 scientific papers (more than 230 of which are referred on the Web of Science) and is the scientific coordinator of several atlases. His experience abroad includes a stay of 4 years in Algeria (Université de Constantine, in the framework of the Belgian Directorate for Development Cooperation) and different research projects overseas esp. in DR Congo, Zimbabwe, Mexico, China, Russia, Mongolia, Canada, ....


Key Publications

Yang, T., Li, Q., Chen, X., Hamdi, R., De Maeyer, P., Kurban, A., & Li, L. (2020). Improving snow simulation with more realistic vegetation parameters in a regional climate model in the Tianshan Mountains, Central Asia. Journal of Hydrology, 590, 125525.

Zou, S., Jilili, A., Duan, W., Maeyer, P., & de Voorde, T. (2019). Human and Natural Impacts on the Water Resources in the Syr Darya River Basin, Central Asia. Sustainability, 11(11), 3084.

Guo, H., Bao, A., Ndayisaba, F., Liu, T., Jiapaer, G., El-Tantawi, A. M., & De Maeyer, P. (2018). Space-time characterization of drought events and their impacts on vegetation in Central Asia. Journal of Hydrology, 564, 1165‑1178.

Fang, G., Yang, J., Chen, Y., Li, Z., & De Maeyer, P. (2017). Impact of GCM structure uncertainty on hydrological processes in an arid area of China. Hydrology Research, 49(3), 893‑907.

Gamanya, R., De Maeyer, P., & De Dapper, M. (2007). An automated satellite image classification design using object-oriented segmentation algorithms : A move towards standardization. Expert Systems with Applications, 32(2), 616‑624.

Complete list of publications

Complete list of publications